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About Lucy Dugdale, Eden Rivers Trust

Who are you? I am a Scientific Officer for Eden Rivers Trust.

What is your role in the project? I work with Will Cleasby on the Community, Engagement and Interface module. Our role is to work with local people in the Eden catchment to encourage and facilitate their involvement in the project. The aim is to build long term relationships with people living and working in the catchment, feedback results and make sure local people have a say and can input their ideas to the project.

What is your background? I began life at Eden Rivers Trust as a PhD student working on the development and application of tools for the rapid assessment of river environments. This included using aerial photography to assess river bank habitat , the SCIMAP model to look at diffuse pollution risk and electrofishing to characterise juvenile fish populations. This information was then analysed using GIS to assess the relationship between habitat contols and juvenile fish populations throughout the Eden catchment at a variety of spatial scales. Since completing my PhD in 2006 I have been employed as a Scientific Officer responsible for advising the Eden Rivers Trust on the planning and targeting of its conservation work. I work on a wide range of projects from the assessment and protection of native white-clawed crayfish populations to the ALFA (Adaptive Land-use for Flood Alleviation) project.

Where can I find out more information about you? You can find out more information about me and the work of the Eden Rivers Trust at

How do I contact you?

Eden Rivers Trust, Units O&Q, Skirsgill Buisness Park, Penrith, CA11 0FA       E-mail: Phone: +44 (0) 1768 866 788


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About the Author: Dr. Lucy Dugdale is a Scientific Officer based at the Eden Rivers Trust, Penrith. Within the EdenDTC project, Lucy is leading the Community Engagement module.

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