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Conceptual Model

The Eden DTC conceptual model consists of a top layer ‘stores and flows’ model with sub-layers beneath this which contain further detail.

The model is designed to operate for water (runoff) and diffuse pollutants (sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus) at any catchment spatial scale, from the small sub-catchment to the scale of the entire River Eden. For some scales, some stocks and flows will not be significant.

You can follow the flow of water or a pollutant through the model in two ways:

1. A small loop – this links the physical stores and flows directly back into management and operates on an annual timestep or below.

2. A large loop which links the physical stores and flows back into management through the Information Stores, as Impacts are realised and translated into Policy and Pressures on catchment managers. The timescale for this loop is super-annual, policy cycles operate typically at intervals of around 5-7 years.

Click on a box or arrow to access sublayers and for more information.

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