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Newton Rigg Demonstration Catchment

Newton Rigg Catchment Map

One of the four focus catchments of the Eden DTC programme is Newton Rigg:

This catchment was instrumented with a range of monitoring equipment and designed to provide visitors to the EdenDTC with easy access to an instrumented watercourse within walking distance from the EdenDTC field centre.

In this catchment, a monitoring station equipped with a pressure transducer, McVan Analite 395 turbidity probe (housed in a flow-through cell), ISCO 3700 automatic water sampler and Time Integrated Mass-flux sampler (TIMs) have been installed. This station is represented by a green dot on the catchment map.

Water from across the entire catchment is conveyed through the river networks and monitored at the catchment outlet. This monitoring station is represented by the red dot. At this station, a multiparameter YSI sonde measures the turbidity, ammonium, conductivity, temperature, pH, chlorophyll a and dissolved oxygen content of the river. An automatic water sampler and Time Integrated Mass-flux sampler (TIMs) are also located here.

Some images of the Newton Rigg outlet station can be found below:

Live images from the Newton Rigg outlet webcam can be viewed by clicking HERE

Live data from the Newton Rigg outlet water quality station can be viewed by clicking HERE

Technical specs. of the equipment described above can be accessed by clicking HERE

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About the Author: Matt Perks works as a Field Technician based at Durham University. Within the EdenDTC project Matt is mainly responsible for the installation and maintenance of field equipment.

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