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What to do if you want to work in the EdenDTC Platform

The EdenDTC welcomes new collaborations and partnerships. TheEdenDTC wishes to build upon the research platform infrastructure that is currently under construction and to expand research through a coordinated strategy, building upon the core activities.  All partners are required to sit on the EdenDTC consortium management group, which meets four times a year.  This is particularly important with regard to working with local farming communities and landowners.  Potential partners are strongly requested not to approach farmers or landowners without first approaching EdenDTC.   Contacts regarding local knowledge on the sites and sub catchments are Dr Sean Burke ([email protected]) and Mr. Will Cleasby ([email protected]).  For more general enquires on the contact the DTC manager Prof Phil Haygarth ([email protected]).
If you are intrested in working with the EdenDTC Research Platform, please contact us using the form below:

What to do if you want to work in the EdenDTC Platform

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