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First Circular for “Catchment Science 2011”, Dublin, Sept 2011

Catchment Science 2011 in Dublin, Sept 14th – 16th 2011 is an International Conference aimed at scientists, policy makers, farmers and land managers. Jointly hosted by the Irish Agricultural Catchments Programme (Teagasc/DAFF) and the UK Demonstration Test Catchments Projects (Defra/EA).
This conference aims to discuss current ideas and experiences from progressive initiatives around the world which conduct research, monitoring, and demonstration on water resources management regulation, eco-system service promotion, stakeholder engagement and socio-economic evaluation.
The conference will take place over 3 days and 2 nights in Dublin, Ireland. A number of keynote presentations will form the basis of the conference at Dublin’s Mansion House that will include a field visit to one of six agricultural study catchments in Ireland. Submissions for oral and poster presentations are invited that encompass areas of agricultural catchment science especially relating to natural resource and landuse management in the following areas:
Scale issues – networks, observatories and farms. What works best for which stakeholders?
Catchment uncertainty – empirical and modelling experiences; uncertainties in science and policy.
Counting the costs – socio-economic implications of catchment-scale agri-environmental measures.
Case studies – examples of environmental mitigation policies and evaluation science; future challenges.
For Information Contact: [email protected]
Catchment Science 2011 pdf details.

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