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(Closed) PhD Project: NERC competition studentship on smart video-capture at Lancaster University

There is an opportunity to work with the EdenDTC team and others and Lancaster University on a PhD project examining how smart video-capture can be used to gain insight into diffuse pollution source and mobilisation risks over large-scale agricultural areas. The project would be supervised by Dr Mike James and Prof. Phil Haygarth from the Lancaster Environment Centre, Dr. Lyudmila Mihaylova from the Lancaster University, School of Computing and Communicationsand and Dr. Sim Reaney, Durham University.
This project will use a combination of new and innovative high resolution video and time-lapse cameras to provide unprecedented data over these scales, at up to video-rate temporal resolution and over annual durations. Advanced image and video processing techniques will identify events and characterise changes. Topographic data will be used to render the results into 3d, allowing areal extents to be accurately quantified and processes visualised in suitable 3/4d geospatial environments (e.g. Google Earth). The high resolution process information will then be analysed with rainfall and in-stream data to gain a detailed insight into the biogeochemical dynamics. The results will be assessed in terms of the decision making involved in managing agricultural landscapes.
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