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The first graph shows recent of data from the monitoring site at the Newby catchment outflow. The graph shows recent trends in ammonium, nitrate, total phosphate, Soluble Reactive Phosphorus and water level. [MeteorDTC site=’DTC004K’ sensors=’1,2,3,4,8′ width=600 height=400] This second graph shows recent trends in stream temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, Ammonium, turbidity and chlorophyll-a. [MeteorDTC site=’DTC004′ sensors=’1,2,3,4,5,6,7′ width=600 height=400] Click on an image for a larger version. Note: The data showed here is live, raw, data from the field instruments and hence has not been subjected to quality control. Therefore, the data is presented for visualisation purposes only and does not represent a quality assured product of any of the consortium partners. Quality checked and assured data will be available from this site in the future, once the IT systems for this have been developed.

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